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5 Bizarre Fashion Trends

5 Bizarre Fashion Trends

Oct 4, 2023

You know those pieces of clothing you see on people that make you go: WTF? Did somebody say Kanye West? Anyway, fashion is a reflection of people’s personality so no judgement here. That said, let’s look at 5 bizarre fashion trends that totally baffle us.

Bizarre Fashion Trends

1 . KFC Crocs / Clogs

KFC had collaborated with Crocs for a limited edition fried chicken footwear. it came with an attachable fried chicken charm that looked and smelled like the iconic fried chicken.

2. MSCHF’s Big Red Boots

Inspired by the classic Japanese television series and video game character “Astro Boy,” MSCHF’s Big Red Boots quickly gained notoriety due to their odd shape and cartoonishly large appearance. Launching with a $350 price tag via the MSCHF sneakers app, the Big Red Boots sold out in minutes and were eventually seen on the feet of several A-list stars and fashion influencers.

3. Balenciaga Distressed Shoe

The label’s shoe takes on a silhouette reminiscent of the classic Converse Chuck Taylor and arrives in both black and white colorways that have been purposefully distressed, adding texture and holes to the textile upper, as well as scuff marks and wear to the rubber sole.

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4. Balenciaga’s Toe Shoe Heels

Balenciaga has released a toe shoe. And now, five very defined piggies later, Balenciaga’s collaboration with Vibram (a.k.a. FiveFinger shoes) is actually shoppable.

5. Hug Me Jacket

The Hug Me Coat comes from Si Leong Chan, a London College of Fashion student. It’s a bright green puffer coat with a row of hands with intertwined fingers running down the front. It gives the illusion of many martian arms grasping the model’s torso.



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