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5 Sneakers Needed to Start a Genuinely Great Collection

5 Sneakers Needed to Start a Genuinely Great Collection

Oct 19, 2023

Sneaker collecting has transformed from a niche hobby to a worldwide phenomenon. The key to sneakers collecting is focusing on what you truly love. Here are the 5 sneakers categories I recommend referencing to build a solid collection.

Jordan 1

Michael Jordan made them famous because of who he was on and off the basketball court, and, naturally, we all wanted to wear whatever sneakers Mike was wearing.


It’s nice to have an OG OG running shoe in your repertoire.  The OG OG runner should basically pair well with your entire wardrobe e.g.  New Balance 993

Chuck Taylor

It’s absolutely essential in any person’s rotation. You can go with the standard low-top version in white and black, or the Chuck 70.


from the new Air Jordan 35 to the New Balance OMN1S. Because if you still ball once in a while, you’ll need a pair of sneakers that can be used in any sort of outside activity.

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West’s collaboration with Adidas, has created a formidable empire of shoes. The foundational models made good on Ye’s promise that everyone who wanted Yeezys could get them, and turned the 350 V2 into a top-selling shoe rather than one reliant on hype.


The Grail is a pair of sneakers you genuinely appreciate and want to break out once in a while to show off. And since you’ll only have one, it’s OK to pay over retail for them.

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These sneakers are the best of the best and having any one of them is a thing of joy to any sneakerhead.

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