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7 Rising Artistes to Watch Out For in 2023

7 Rising Artistes to Watch Out For in 2023

Oct 2, 2023

Ever wanted to catch talented musicians before they make waves and even your parents are humming their songs? Well, we’ve got something for you. In this post, we are looking at 7 rising artistes to watch out for in 2023.

Seven Rising Artistes

Eem Triplin

American rapper and producer who first rose to mainstream fame on the back of his viral 2022 hit “Awkward Freestyle.”The sky is the limit for Eem in 2023.

Fred Again

British multi-hyphenate Fred Again… had already experienced huge success behind the scenes as a producer and songwriter on charting pop music with the likes of Ed Sheeran, Rita Ora, Stormzy, Demi Lovato, and George Ezra (whose 2018 song “Shotgun,” co-written by Fred charted at No. 1 in the UK).


Jaleel is one of the most electric live performers on the rise right now, and the frenzied reaction of hundreds of fans only amplifies the experience. American rapper, singer, and record producer Abdul Jeleel Yussuf, better known by his stage name Jeleel, hails from Providence. His song “Dive In!” is well known and has gained popularity on social media.

Babyface Ray

Babyface Ray is no stranger to the Detroit scene, but his recent momentum forecasts that the veteran rapper is set for a star-making turn in 2023.

Montell Fish

With his captivating persona expressed through every medium, from music videos to Instagram posts, Montell never spares a moment to flex his creative ability.

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 Born in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, this rapper is signed to South Coast Music Group. She also should be one of the biggest new stars in music.

Skai Water

This Nottingham, UK native is unrelenting when it comes to their craft. They fuse a variety of elements from EDM, R&B, Pop, and Jersey Club into a sound that is distinctly their own, 

These seven rising artistes all have impressive catalog and I’d recommend checking them out.


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