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Crack Me Up Wants Lagos to Laugh

Crack Me Up Wants Lagos to Laugh

Jun 18, 2024

You will be surprised how funny watching someone trying to make people laugh could be. Well, our newest and hottest comedy show on YouTube, Crack Me Up, explores the idea! Hosted by the charismatic Shutty, this show takes to the bustling streets of Lagos, Nigeria, in search of genuine laughs.

Here’s what you need to know about this side-splitting show:

The Concept

Enthusiastically, Shutty hits the streets armed with one mission: to get people to make him laugh. He approaches unsuspecting passersby and challenges them to crack him up. If they succeed, they walk away with a cash gift. But if they fail, well, they get nothing, not even a good-natured chuckle from the host.

The rules are simple: make the host laugh and get some cash.  You’d be surprised what Shutty finds funny. How long can you hold back your laughter?

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The Laughter Quest

Shutty engages with people from all walks of life: market traders, commuters, students, and anyone willing to take up the challenge. The streets of Lagos come alive with spontaneous humor as participants share jokes, funny stories, and unexpected punchlines.

The Lagos Flavor

These are hard times, but nevertheless, man’s got to laugh.

Lagos, with its vibrant energy and diverse population, provides the perfect backdrop for this comedy adventure. From the bustling markets to the chaotic human traffic, every corner holds a potential laugh. Whether it’s a witty retort or an impromptu name drop, Lagosians bring their A-game to the laughter showdown.

Subscribe Now for Crack Me Up

Want to witness the hilarious moments firsthand? Subscribe to the Meroestream YouTube channel. Crack Me Up will premiere soon! Get ready to laugh till you forget your name—because as they say, laughter keeps you young, healthy, and kicking.

Crack Me Up will leave you in stitches. Don’t miss out on the funniest game show in town!

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