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Top 10 Podcasts for Crime and Mystery Enthusiasts

Top 10 Podcasts for Crime and Mystery Enthusiasts

Aug 31, 2023

For those, like me, with a healthy fascination for the darker side of human nature and a love for untangling enigmatic puzzles, crime and mystery podcasts offer an immersive and spine-chilling experience. Delving into real-life cases, historical mysteries, and thrilling crime stories, these podcasts keep listeners on the edge of their seats, engrossed in every detail. If you enjoy exploring the depths of the criminal mind and the intricacies of solving mysteries, here are the ten best podcasts that should be on your playlist:

Crime Junkie

Hosted by Ashley Flowers and Brit Prawat, Crime Junkie is a top-notch true crime podcast that delves into riveting cases, from disappearances to murder mysteries. The hosts’ engaging storytelling and in-depth research make this show a must-listen for crime enthusiasts.


Criminal explores true crime stories from around the world, presenting a diverse range of cases, each captivating and unique. Host Phoebe Judge’s smooth narration and well-researched content have garnered a loyal global following.


Morbid, hosted by Alaina and Ash, delivers a perfect blend of true crime, the paranormal, and the bizarre. The hosts strike a balance between informative and lighthearted, making this podcast an addictive and entertaining listen.

Nightmare Next Door

This gripping podcast digs into the chilling mysteries that can lurk right in your own neighborhood. Nightmare Next Door delves into cases of crimes committed by someone close to the victim, adding an element of eeriness to the storytelling.

Something Was Wrong

Something Was Wrong explores the dark and unsettling world of toxic relationships and true crime stories of survival. This podcast provides a unique perspective on the psychological aspects of crime.

Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar

For fans of classic mysteries, Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar is a treat. This vintage radio drama follows the adventures of an insurance investigator, Johnny Dollar, as he solves intriguing insurance fraud cases.

Who The (Bleep) Did I Marry

This gripping show unravels shocking and real-life stories of individuals who discovered their spouses’ hidden dark secrets. Each episode takes listeners on a rollercoaster ride of deception and betrayal.

We Saw the Devil

With a focus on true crime and the paranormal, We Saw the Devil delivers chilling accounts of gruesome cases. The hosts analyze the cases with a critical eye, offering listeners a comprehensive view of each story.

The Trail Went Cold

Hosted by Robin Warder, The Trail Went Cold delves into unsolved mysteries, cold cases, and true crime tales that have baffled investigators for years. The podcast invites listeners to join the search for answers.


No list of crime and mystery podcasts would be complete without mentioning Serial. This groundbreaking podcast, hosted by Sarah Koenig, takes an investigative approach to explore one case per season, presenting all the evidence and allowing listeners to draw their conclusions.

Crime and mystery podcasts have become a gripping and popular genre, captivating audiences worldwide. Whether you prefer true crime, historical mysteries, or chilling tales of betrayal, you will love these podcasts. These podcasts listed above are sure to quench your thirst for suspense and intrigue. Tune in, immerse yourself in the stories, and embark on a thrilling auditory journey into the world of crime and mysteries. Just be prepared to look over your shoulder once in a while; you never know what might be lurking in the shadows. Happy listening!

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